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Re: New mirror help

[Please learn to quote properly.]

On Mon, 27 Jun 2016, Host-Engine.com wrote:

> >> We are interested in seting up a new mirror for US and another for
> >> Netherlands, but we are confused in how to do the rsync process, we
> >> already have mirrors in centos but here the process is not the same.
> >
> > The way we usually deploy it is to clone the git repository (or untar
> > the tarball) in the homedir of a role account, and then symlink all the


> I have configured ftpsync with:
> MIRRORNAME="debian.den.host-engine.com"
> TO="/var/www/debian/"
> RSYNC_PATH="debian"
> RSYNC_HOST="ftp-master.debian.org"
> RSYNC_USER="debian.den.host-engine.com"
> But after running the ftpsync, it doesn't download the mirror.

Of course not.  You have to find an upstream to mirror from.  I suggest
you find a mirror from the masterlist with open rsync that is close to
you.  You can't mirror from ftp-master.
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