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Re: new BG mirror, access to syncproxy2.eu.d.o

Alexander Velin <velin@fccf.net> writes:

> On 2016-05-23 13:28, Alexander Velin wrote:
>> I'm currently maintainer of the following mirrors in Bulgaria:
>> - ftp.uni-sofia.bg
>> - debian.spnet.net
>> We're in the process of building a new Debian mirror, which will be
>> available at debian.mobiltel.bg and in the future it will replace the
>> current debian.spnet.net (ftp.bg.d.o). Transition would be slow, with
>> preserved service on the old IPs and DNS names.
>> I'm configuring ftpsync (20160306) on the host, and I'd like to be able
>> to sync from syncproxy2.eu.debian.org, hence I'm requesting access for
>> the ::debian rsync module (and ::debian-security, if available).
>> Also, I'd prefer if we could make the new debian.mobiltel.bg a
>> push-mirror, so could you please send me SSH key and the IP address the
>> push is going to come from?
> Hi,
> Due to the hardware failure of the old server (debian.spnet.net), I'd 
> really like to make the new machine (debian.mobiltel.bg) a functioning 
> mirror and move the A record.
> Could someone please get me in touch with admin of 
> syncproxy2.eu.debian.org, so we could setup access and push mirroring
> ?

Since that seems like it's not happening, in the mean time you're
welcome to have a push from free.hands.com (a.k.a ftp.uk.debian.org) if
that would help.

The key I'd push with is here:  http://hands.com/~archvsync/

just tell me the username and machine you want pushed.

Cheers, Phil.
|)|  Philip Hands  [+44 (0)20 8530 9560]  HANDS.COM Ltd.
|-|  http://www.hands.com/    http://ftp.uk.debian.org/
|(|  Hugo-Klemm-Strasse 34,   21075 Hamburg,    GERMANY

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