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Re: Service names for Debian mirrors in cloud infrastructure

On 01/06/2016 09:28 PM, Bastian Blank wrote:
> Hi
> We at credativ maintain a Debian mirror network within the Microsoft
> Azure cloud.  This mirror network is for use by other Debian systems
> within this cloud infrastructure.  It should not be used by the public
> internet.
> This mirror network currently consists of load balanced and high
> available set of systems in each of the 18 public Azure regions.
> Traffic is distributed to the nearest set via DNS
> (debian-archive.trafficmanager.net)
> Currently we add the internal name of the load balanced DNS endpoint to
> sources.list in the images.  However the conclusion of several
> discussions was that it should get an service alias somewhere under
> debian.org.
> The remaining question is where service names for such mirrors, not only
> in Azure but possibly also in other cloud infrastructures, should reside
> within the debian.org zone.
> As we now have "debian.mirrors.debian.org", I would think about
> "$vendor.mirrors.debian.org" and, if they really want to mirror debug,
> also "debug.$vendor.mirrors.debian.org".  But I'm open to suggestions.
> Regards,
> Bastian Blank

My take on this: it doesn't mater much. Do what you feel is convenient.
Everything else is just bikesheding. What you proposed seem reasonable
to me. But I don't really see the purpose, and why a .azure or something
isn't enough, or why can't you just fix things in httpredir.debian.org.


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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