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Service names for Debian mirrors in cloud infrastructure


We at credativ maintain a Debian mirror network within the Microsoft
Azure cloud.  This mirror network is for use by other Debian systems
within this cloud infrastructure.  It should not be used by the public

This mirror network currently consists of load balanced and high
available set of systems in each of the 18 public Azure regions.
Traffic is distributed to the nearest set via DNS

Currently we add the internal name of the load balanced DNS endpoint to
sources.list in the images.  However the conclusion of several
discussions was that it should get an service alias somewhere under

The remaining question is where service names for such mirrors, not only
in Azure but possibly also in other cloud infrastructures, should reside
within the debian.org zone.

As we now have "debian.mirrors.debian.org", I would think about
"$vendor.mirrors.debian.org" and, if they really want to mirror debug,
also "debug.$vendor.mirrors.debian.org".  But I'm open to suggestions.

Bastian Blank

Bastian Blank
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