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Re: Mirrorbrain demo instance for debian-cd?

On Friday 09 October 2015 09:21:06 Arnoldas Šareckis wrote:
> several weeks ago I was interested in this too.
> Try reaching the Debian mirrors channel on irc.debian.org
> (#debian-mirrors) and ask FoxMuldV6 about this. He seems to be the
> original owner of the idea.

I'm certainly not the first one who had that idea, I just tried to progress 

> Unfortunately, it seems the process is stuck.

There actually has been some progress yesterday: There will now be a demo 
instance running (on my infrastructure) under a debian.net domain. Should be 
set up during the weekend, and will be announced here.

> As far as I remember, there was a requirement to package mirrorbrain to
> a *.deb using Debian standarts.

Yes, that is the requirement for this to run on official debian 
infrastructure. I'm not aware of any progress in that direction either.

Since May (when this was last discussed) I've also learned of another 
promising alternative to Mirrorbrain: Mirrorbits.
It was done by a member of the VLC project, and replaced their 
mirrorbrain-instance. Since then, other projects have also switched to it. It 
boasts a lot of features (https://github.com/etix/mirrorbits#main-features), 
among them:
- it's even faster than mirrorbrain (supposedly a lot faster)
- it is a lot easier to deploy because it doesn't consist of / rely on lots of 
Apache modules. That should also make it easier to package (there is actually 
an RFP in the debian bugtracker).

I will certainly have a look at it, but at least in the beginning the 
demo-instance will probably run mirrorbrain.

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