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Re: how to manage gaps in Valid-Until of ftp.us.debian.org

On Thu, 31 Jul 2014, Tom Downes wrote:
> FWIW - I just found the note in the "full mirror list" page about not
> mirroring from the US round-robin which I have taken to heart with an entry
> in /etc/hosts.

Before it bites you, if you want to mirror Debian you *really* should use
rsync *and* the mirror scripts, as explained in...

> https://www.debian.org/mirror/ftpmirror

the above URL ;-)

These scripts do get updates, but not often.  They're announced in the
debian-mirrors-announce ML.

> Nevertheless, it still seems to me that wheezy-updates at an individual
> member of ftp.us.debian.org (let's pick on had a 3 minute
> gap in its Valid-Until (8:58-9:01 UTC on 31 July 2014). Am I incorrect on
> that point? Is this expected behavior? Might I be better off becoming a
> push client mirror?

You should only have issues with valid-until on mirrors that have been stale
for a week.  The Release files are regenerated several times a day.

And please use the ftpsync script (which will use rsync) to update your

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