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Re: ftp.ro.d.o down


(As this discussion is of low interest for debian-mirrors list, let's continue
on mirrors@debian.org)

On Thu, Nov 14, 2013 at 10:02:54AM +0200, Manuel Subredu wrote:
> On 11/2/13 12:29 AM, Manuel Subredu wrote:
> >  we managed to brind back the storage for the ftp server. I have made
> > some manual syncs in order to sync the mirror. Can you please include us
> > in the push mirroring and see if everything is ok before redirecting
> > ftp.ro.debian.org back to our server ?
>  any news regarding ftp.roedu.net (ftp.ro.debian.org) ? Do we have to do
> something more ?

Several remarks:
1/ Could you please update your ftpsync version ?
Subscribing to http://lists.debian.org/debian-mirrors-announce will make sure
you receive notifications about new versions.

2/ Could you please set MIRRORNAME to ftp.roedu.net ?
It guarantees we can check your trace file even during short perio when ftp.ro
may point somewhere else.

3/ Please confirm your best upstream is syncproxy.eu.debian.org

4/ Please confirm by private mail the username we need to push.

Simon Paillard

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