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Take advantage of rsync 3

Hello, after the brown bag release (20120521), I looked again to my configuration, I found a change I did some time ago.

By changing:
RSYNC_OPTIONS2="--max-delete=40000 --delay-updates --delete --delete-after --delete-excluded"

RSYNC_OPTIONS2="--max-delete=40000 --delay-updates --delete --delete-delay --delete-excluded"

You get a much faster rsync, because you start copying files as soon as the rsync starts instead of doing the whole tree lookup, I already mentioned this some time ago, see (http://lists.debian.org/debian-mirrors/2009/04/msg00019.html), since then rsync3 should be everywhere on anythine from lenny or newer.

More info from man page:
              Some options require rsync to know the full file list, so  these
              options  disable the incremental recursion mode.  These include:
              --delete-before,   --delete-after,    --prune-empty-dirs,    and
              --delay-updates.   Because of this, the default delete mode when
              you specify --delete is now --delete-during when  both  ends  of
              the  connection are at least 3.0.0 (use --del or --delete-during
              to request this improved deletion mode  explicitly).   See  also
              the  --delete-delay  option  that  is a better choice than using

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