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ftpsync bugfix release


a bit embarrassing, but in ftpsync 80486 we have a nicely serious bug
included, which basically leads to ignoring all ARCH_EXCLUDE values
mirror admins might have set. So every mirror that updated is now a full
mirror - or out of disk space.

Sorry for that.

The bugfix is in the latest version, 20120521, whose changes include:

 - Revert various quotings of rsync patterns, thus making ARCH_EXCLUDE
   work again.
 - exclude the i18n/ dir completly
 - Also exclude udeb contents for excluded architectures.
   Those had been ignored before, and thus always transferred. They are
   small, compared to the rest, so didn't hurt, but now we exclude them

And you might have noticed, I switched from using CPU numbers to date
based release versions.

The version is available from git - or on your mirror as soon as the
next mirror push is gone through. You can also find it at
http://ftp-master.debian.org/users/joerg/ftpsync/ with a sha512sum
signed by the same key as used for the place on mirrors - the Debian
archive signing key.

bye, Joerg
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