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Re: ftpsync test please

On 12834 March 1977, Carsten Otto wrote:

> as Mitry already pointed out, there is some need to use the script also
> for projects other than Debian.

Yep. I agree on that (told Mitry on irc, just asked to mail to not
forget about it), and will get that into.

> If you're interested, my repository is available here:

I always am.
I do think it is better to not end up with local modifications, but have
changes in the main code, maybe as an option. (Provided they don't break
the main function of ftpsync of course).

> http://ftp.halifax.rwth-aachen.de/~datafetch/archvsync.git/

A quick glance shows me stuff i want to take, and some I don't.
(For example I dont see why default options are changed, and thats not
done by a config file[fn:1], but then I loke the changes around rsync
stats, probably agree to make tracefiles flexible enough to select "off,
those values, all values", dont see an rsync option of --drop-cache
here, would allow "analyze" as a (new) hook and dont know what packman is)


[fn:1] You sure have a reason, but meh

bye, Joerg
"Um eine schnelle Netzanbindung zu gewährleisten hat der Server eine
Realtek-Marken-Netzwerkkarte. Eine Realtek-Karte ist im Vergleich zu
billigeren Karten oft etwas leistungsstärker."

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