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Re: Fwd: ftp.uni-erlangen.de out of date

>> > It's just bash, no need to run Debian, some mirrors run FreeBSD.
>> Just bash plus I think some non-bash-builtin commands not present or
>> incompatible with solaris ones... I could fix that, but I prefer to wait
>> until I have our mirror in a Linux system... what will hopefully happen
>> in a few months. Thanks anyway Simon.
> If you notice these no-bash-builtin we use, please report us the errors, we
> really aim to have ftpsync multiplatform, and not Linux-only.

And if there is a mirror admin with a non-Linux system who wants to give
me a shell so I can test it there, yell up. :)

bye, Joerg
* wiggy just looking at gforge-inject output
<wiggy> last year I could not run it for months and still not see any new users
<wiggy> it just added 19 new users
<Mithrandir> it's this bloody active new DAM we've managed to get.

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