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Re: Fwd: ftp.uni-erlangen.de out of date

Hi Adam,

  first of all my apologies if this was causing you trouble... I didn't
have a deep look on my side (apart from trying to manually run the sync
script and seeing the connection refused).

On 3/1/12 1:14 PM, Adam Lackorzynski wrote:
> zeppo.rediris.es is issueing like 20 rsync connections per second to me.
> Please fix this and I'll reenable the host.

Unfortunately we can not be a push-triggered mirror at the moment, and
I'm using a sync script launched from a cron. It implements a
rudimentary lock system to prevent more than one instance (of the
script) to be launched at a time, but for some odd reason this was not

I have commented the naughty cron line launching the script while I try
to investigate further what happened to the script for not working properly.

I'd appreciate if you could reenable zeppo again and tell me when you
have done it.

Thanks again,

Jose Manuel.

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