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ftp.uk.debian.org and backports

I've been using debian-backports from ftp.uk.debian.org for some time
and everything was working swimmingly. It's possible that for most of
that time ftp.uk.debian.org was a CNAME for debian.hands.com which
still appears to contain debian-backports.

As of now, ftp.uk.debian.org is a CNAME for klecker-ftp.debian.org
which appears not to contain debian-backports so my apt-get is

There's some talk in the past of the ftp.uk.debian.org CNAME changing
temporarily due to hardware trouble at debian.hands.com so perhaps I
should expect everything to magically start working again in the

If this situation is temporary would it be possible to change the
ftp.uk.debian.org CNAME to point to something that provides backports
and volatile too?



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