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Re: Bug#641769: [apt] fetches InRelease file, problematic on several mirrors (aka "Packages Hash Sum mismatch")

>> As I said, this problem does not just affect unstable, it already affects
>> testing and would probably affect stable, and eventually all releases if
>> nothing is done.
> stable doesn't have an InRelease file and apt/stable doesn't support it,
> so there is no possibility for this to effect stable.

And wont gain one.

> what should be done about that - and as long as this team doesn't say "David,
> you bloody idiot, revert it or we will tell mirror-admins where you live to
> take care of you." i assume i can be of no help.
> (but i am sure the mirror-team would have worded it differently ;) )

Dont think that happens. apt is the wrong place.

bye, Joerg
I want you to be a maintainer before christmas.
(AM finished report August 2006, DAM approval was next christmas then)

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