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Re: Bug#641769: [apt] fetches InRelease file, problematic on several mirrors (aka "Packages Hash Sum mismatch")

retitle 636292 dak/apt: deficiencies at handling out-of-sync metadata
summary 636292 87

If anyone disagrees with the above triage, please change the summary
and/or title.  Thank you.

On Sat, 17 Sep 2011, Filipus Klutiero wrote:
> #636292 is labelled as being about round-robin mirrors and problems
> APT has with those, even though that is probably not the actual
> cause of the reporter's problem.

You're expected to read the entire thing when refered to a bug report in
a thread you're replying to.  Anyway, triaged.  I didn't want to do it
because it is not my bug, it is not a package I work on, and I have no
idea wether the apt developers agree with my anaylsis of #636292 or not.
Please feel free to improve the title or chose a new summary.

> But indeed, there would be room for a general bug "unreliable
> package indices fetching protocol" :-S

That misses the point, IMO.  To me, it looks like what's "broken" is
that the repository format _and_ the front-ends have deficiencies at
handling metadata which is unsyncronized either in-mirror or across
mirrors.  And these deficiencies are a lot more important nowadays than
they once were, as we have now many dinstall runs per day, lots of users
tracking testing and unstable, a larger set of metadata files, a larger
and more diverse set of mirrors... I.e: a lot more chances to hit
unsyncronized metadata windows.

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