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Re: ftp.tw.debian.org DNS record?


On Fri, Jul 01, 2011 at 03:04:35AM +0800, L.E. Kao, Ling-En Kao wrote:
> After examining the abnormal number of rsync connections, we noticed that the
> DNS record of ftp.tw.debian.org is pointing to our mirror site
> (debian.nctu.edu.tw).

< AndrewLe1> symoon: We haven't fixed the hardware issue yet. Could you please
point it to debian.nctu.edu.tw instead of ftp.cn?
> However, services on debian.linux.org.tw are normal, so it's not a case of
> server failure (or there isn't a failure) on ftp.tw.debian.org
> (debian.linux.org.tw).
> We believe there is a mistake.

Just that the revert was not been done yet (I'm travelling with difficult
network/ssh access).

DSA has updated this for us:

$ dig +short ftp.tw.debian.org @ns1.debian.org
> If ftp.tw.debian.org is going to do a DNS load-balancing, then we are
> interested in becoming a primary mirror site.
> If that is not the case, then please point the DNS record of
> ftp.tw.debian.org back to debian.linux.org.tw (because we are not a primary
> mirror site).

Simon Paillard

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