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Re: ftp2.de.debian.org IPv6 not available anymore

> ..make him ftp3.de.d.o, 1+2=3.  ;o)

I don't think thats neccesary.

> Apt gets really unhappy when the two mirrors aren't updated exactly
> in sync and something happens that makes the client go v4 in one
> connection and v6 in another.

Why would that happen? Isn't v6 preferred over v4?

> i heavyly disagress on heaving v4 and v6 ip pointing to completly
> diffrent sites.

Okay, if 2 people think it's bad (and noone except me would think that
could be a good thing), this probably really isn't that good at all.

And for the moment everyone should still be able to use IPv4 (and the
three people in the world who aren't anymore have to change their
debian mirror).

Best regards,

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