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Re: debian.ciencias.uchile.cl signing off

Hi Ricardo,

On Sun, Jan 09, 2011 at 05:22:44AM -0800, Ricardo Yanez wrote:
> The server debian.ciencias.uchile.cl has been damaged after a power
> outage. The damage to the server is more severe than usual. We do not
> expect to come back on-line, as resources for the server has
> continuously been drawn back by the sponsor, and under the circumstances
> there is little this server can contribute. 

Sad to hear.

> It is then with regret I inform, after more than a decade of service, the
> signing off of debian.ciencias.uchile.cl.

Thank you Ricardo for supporting the Debian project for such a long time, and
for all the efforts you put in keeping the mirror alive despite less


Simon Paillard

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