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Re: A mirror to CDN

Thank you for you contribution to cdn.debian.net.

I have just checked and added your host as a surrogate in Lithuania.
I believe cdn.debian.net will work in a hour.



2010/9/21 Arnoldas Šareckis <Arnoldas.Sareckis@ittc.vu.lt>:
> Hello.
> We run a Debian mirror at Vilnius University
> (debian.mirror.vu.lt/ We would like to be included in the
> CDN pool. I have tried to add myself through
> http://debiancdn.appspot.com/managesurrogate webpage, however, the
> addition failes with 403 Forbidden error.
> Could you please manually include out mirror server in the list?
> Here are the details:
> IP Address:
> Preference: High
> Targetnet: None
> Country: LTU
> Continent: Europe
> Hostname: deb.cdn.araki.net
> Thank You.
> Best regards,
> Arnoldas Sareckis
> Vilnius University

ARAKI Yasuhiro

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