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Re: cdn.debian.net not working in Germany

Axel Beckert (beckert@phys.ethz.ch) wrote on 29 July 2010 16:18:
 >I'm also a little bit confused about cdn.debian.net's behaviour. I'd
 >expect from the official primary mirror in a country to be returned at
 >least if I query cdn.debian.net from the host itself or the same
 >subnet. But that doesn't work on heustock.ethz.ch aka debian.ethz.ch
 >aka ftp.ch.debian.org:
 >root@heustock:~ # host cdn.debian.net
 >cdn.debian.net is an alias for deb.cdn.araki.net.
 >deb.cdn.araki.net has address
 >root@heustock:~ # host
 > domain name pointer kassia3.snt.utwente.nl.
 >root@heustock:~ # 
 >IIRC someone said that all official mirrors are included in
 >cdn.debian.net's database. But what I get returned is
 >ftp.ch.debian.org's upstream mirror instead.
 >That's no big pitty though as the network connection between both is
 >cheap and fast. But anyway, it's surely not optimal and I did expect
 >to get the Swiss primary mirror, not the Dutch one.
 >Same happens from a commercial Swiss ISP (well, belongs to UPC now)
 >not connected to GEANT2 (as ethz.ch and utwente.nl are).

There is another problem: cdn probes mirrors by a URL constructed from
the IP. This doesn't always work, causing important mirrors to not be
listed. This is the case with ftp.br.d.o.

cdn should not make up urls; it should use those provided by the
mirror admins. Particularly for the primary mirrors.

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