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Re: adding cdn.debian.net to Mirrors.masterlist


>> This GAE returns running server list in JSON.
>> http://debiancdn.appspot.com/json/alive
>> And all cdn.debian.net DNS servers use this JSON.
> Seems to have much less countries than before.

Before this modification, three server checking servers send HTTP
health check request periodically even for stopping server.
In this modification, GAE gives up to check stopping server.

However, threshold point which GAE gives up checking was too strict.

Thus, I modified as follows,
-  GAE marks "fail" after GAE confirm server stop more than ten times.
-  GAE confirms server status once every ten times for stopping server.

> How is cdn.debian.net handling fallback for countries not listed?
> Geographically close, or might it still fallback to Japan as I think it
> used to?

Fallbacks to continent servers.
If server can not find client country and continent, return server
entry from North America servers.

ARAKI Yasuhiro

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