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Re: adding cdn.debian.net to Mirrors.masterlist

Yasuhiro Araki wrote:
> Nowadays, cdn.debian.net don't use the list in
> "https://osdn.debian.or.jp/repos/cdn/trunk";.
> Currently, cdn.debian.net checks mirror server with Google App Engine.
> Anybody can see server status at
> http://debiancdn.appspot.com/managesurrogate. (Please see it.)
> And, I hope to call for volunteer who add mirror server.
> This GAE returns running server list in JSON.
> http://debiancdn.appspot.com/json/alive
> And all cdn.debian.net DNS servers use this JSON.

Seems to have much less countries than before.

How is cdn.debian.net handling fallback for countries not listed?
Geographically close, or might it still fallback to Japan as I think it
used to?

see shy jo

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