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Re: running debian mirror over nfs from xfs filesystem

Hi Imre,

> I would be thankful if there are obstacles you could warn me against or
> turn my attention to some settings which i need to take into
> consideration wanting to run mirror in two cases

We used NFS to share out an xfs file system for our mirror up until last
year. When it was originally put together, one of our engineers wrote a
presentation about it, including some tips on tuning the OS, network,
and apache to make it fast. Some of this will now be obsolete information,
but just in case you can use some of it, it's at:


In particular, we found that it was easier to have the data disks
local to the server running ftpd/apache/rsyncd, and shared via NFS
to a different server running the mirroring scripts. This kept the
NFS traffic to a minimum.

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