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Re: [Emdebian] Mirrors

Neil Williams wrote:

> True - however we don't quite do things as Debian would do things,
> principally due to the lack of an incoming.emdebian.org staging area
> that results in the archive being continually updated. This is due to a
> technical limitation (lack of sufficient space) and changes in the
> scripts to cope with the extra space.
> debian-mirrors people: feel free to ignore the thread until such time
> as Grip has a more compatible setup. Sorry for any noise.

Sorry, I didn't know that.

> Get more space onto www.emdebian.org so that we can use a more
> Debian-like process in the first place at which point normal Debian
> mirror techniques become appropriate. Right now, mirroring only makes
> things worse.



> IIRC the toolchains will be migrating into Debian anyway so the whole
> debian/ repository could become moot.
> The native package support in debian/ is also largely unused now -
> principally because the packages themselves do not need such rapid
> changes that we need a new version before the old one has migrated
> into testing.
> That should leave only crush/ and grip/
> However, I repeat my request that people *don't* mirror Grip but
> instead run partial buildd's using the current emdebian-grip-server
> package to add more packages to Grip. We don't need mirrors right now,
> we need more machines preparing more packages resulting in bug reports
> against emdebian-grip-server and hence better code in the package
> itself.
> Also, moving Grip processing to a backend server would free up space
> for more packages to go onto the main emdebian.org server - as long as
> that server isn't the one doing the work. This improvement has little
> to do with mirroring.
> Until we have an incoming staging area, I don't think it's practical to
> mirror Grip or involve the debian-mirrors people.

If I read them all correctly. I should just mirror crush/ for now? And
get another machine to run partial buildd's using the current
emdebian-grip-server package to help to add more packages to Grip on

> (please don't top post)
> See:
> http://lists.debian.org/debian-embedded/2009/09/msg00039.html

Sorry, I didn't notice this long explanation. I'd subscribe the list.


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