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Speed improvement in ftpsync using --delete-delay

Good morning,

Since rsync 3.0 there's a new method to do the --delete, it's called
--delete-delay. The working effect is the same as with the
--delete-after, with the difference that the files to delete are indexed
on the fly.
It GREATLY improves performance, specially in vast amount of files.
>From lenny rsync 3.0 is the default version, and in either case I've
been able to compile from the .tgz without problems in distros from 5 years.

Changing in ftpsync:
RSYNC_OPTIONS2=${RSYNC_OPTIONS2:-"--max-delete=40000 --delay-updates
--delete --delete-after --delete-excluded"}

RSYNC_OPTIONS2=${RSYNC_OPTIONS2:-"--max-delete=40000 --delay-updates
--delete --delete-delay --delete-excluded"}

Only when rsync is version 3 or greater.

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