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New ftpsync version

On 11729 March 1977, Adam McDougall wrote:

> It turns out ftpsync was failing due to a upgrade of bash to version 4,
> it seems to be incompatible.  I have reverted to 3.2 and am running ftpsync
> manually right now so the mirror will catch up.  Do you want me to let you
> know when it is done, or will you/something detect that for me?  Thanks.

Ha, good catch. Turns out bash4 in set -u mode (as ftpsync of course
uses) now exits if you use $* but did not have any parameters. Its the
correct behaviour and the fix is easy enough, so there is now ftpsync
version 8086 released.

The changes between 4711 and 8086 are:

- ftpsync:
  * Don't error out if we do not have any commandline parameters
  * Also exclude *_${ARCH}.changes files for an excluded ARCH (affects
    *proposed-updates mirroring).

- runmirrors (only relevant if one pushes downstream mirrors):
  * Increase the default PUSHDELAY in multi-staged pushing from 240 to
    600 seconds.
  * Have a slightly better logging of what we actually push per mirror.

bye, Joerg
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