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Re: More frequent dinstall runs and mirror pushes

>> as the subject says, we are planning to increase the frequency of
>> dinstall[1] runs. Our current plan is to have 4 runs a day, switching
>> From the current [07|19]:52 schedule to the new [01|07|13|19]:52
>> schedule. All times are in UTC.
> Please be aware that mirror syncs are known to break new installations 
> because metadata (checksums) is temporarily inconsistent or because 
> package lists do not match available packages.

Well. The timeframe where this is possible should, if mirrors use the
right scripts, be close to zero.

We do two things.
1.) ftpmaster does *not* delete outdated and no longer referenced
    packages right away, instead they stay in their normal pool/ location
    for about 2 days. So even if its no longer in packages files it will
    be available for an additional time.

2.) Correct mirror scripts use a 2-stage approach in mirroring. First
    they mirror all but dists/, then they only mirror dists/.
    Naturally this second step is *much* faster, as its size is very
    Additionally the correct scripts also use --delay-updates, making
    the update to dists/ as atomic as we can ever have it.

> It's possible this only happens for mirrors that don't use the "right" set 
> of tools for their updates, but it is a real issue.

As far as we are able to we are working against broken scripts and other
mirror synchronisation problems we know of.

bye, Joerg
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