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Re: More frequent dinstall runs and mirror pushes

This one time, at band camp, Frans Pop said:
> On Friday 05 December 2008, Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> > as the subject says, we are planning to increase the frequency of
> > dinstall[1] runs. Our current plan is to have 4 runs a day, switching
> > From the current [07|19]:52 schedule to the new [01|07|13|19]:52
> > schedule. All times are in UTC.
> Please be aware that mirror syncs are known to break new installations 
> because metadata (checksums) is temporarily inconsistent or because 
> package lists do not match available packages.
> It's possible this only happens for mirrors that don't use the "right" set 
> of tools for their updates, but it is a real issue.
> Increasing mirror syncs will increase random installation failures.

This has been largely addressed with rewrites of the sync scripts.
Whether or not a given mirror will switch to the new version is a
different matter, of course.

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