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Re: Sync with anonftpsync

Martin Bagge / brother escribió:
On Fri, 21 Nov 2008, Carlos Bergero wrote:

I have maintained for a few years a mirror for i386 and for security updates without much trouble. Now I found that when rsync is not copying some of the files in the /debian/dists/"distribution" (/debian/dist/i386 or /debian/dist/lenny). in particular, It's not replicating the Contents-"Architecture".gz files, for any architecture. I was wondering if I had done something wrong in the configuration of the file. I basically change only the things it sounded.

can you post a .diff of the config? or something lightweight so someone can look at your changes.

I run the new ftpsync script and Contents* i /dists/lenny is all there, look: ftp://debian.bsnet.se/debian/dists/lenny/

regarding a i386 dists directory you probably just mistyped there?

PD: Thx for the quick answer, in the other mail I send a diff file of the anonftpsync. about the mistype I don't think is the trouble, i check it and it's looks good. besides it's mirror the architecture files but not the content and release files.

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