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Re: Dependence on debiantools

>     MW> Well, my mirror runs AIX, so it is even more
>     MW> different. But still, a savelog should be available, it
>     MW> might just be packaged differently.
> On Red Hat style systems, the functionality of savelog is provided
> by logrotate.  Sure, I could go extract savelog from debiantools
> and install it on my mirror, but it seems like it would be better
> if the scripts either tested for various possible solutions and
> used the one that was available or incorporated that functionality
> themselves.

While I think RH is broken here :), I just implemented my own savelog in
shell. Not that much work and will do for this usecase.

Latest ftpsync version is now 0815.

bye, Joerg
I read the DUMP and agree to it.

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