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Re: New mirror scripts for Debian mirrors

>>  >Unknown yet, currently its only expected to get more.
>>  >4 or 6 of them seem to be a good number.
>> 6 is doable but it's the limit. For intervals shorter than 4h another
>> method would have to be used.

>> The problem, in our case, is not the download, it's the scavenging of
>> an enormous tree to determine what has to be transfered. This is very
>> heavy because it's almost only disk seeks.
> Yes, this part of the sync process is time consuming and is what will
> eventually limit the frequency of pushes.

Ay, rsync is annoying for that part of the sync.

> I would like to see trials on a mirror by mirror basis before the
> pushing frequencies are increased arbitrarily. I'm sure we can take 3 a
> day and even 4. But more than that will probably jam things.

I think 4 should be possible without too much effect for the mirror
network. Thats one run every 6 hours "only".

Now, I would *love* to have hourly runs. Yes, I realize that *currently*
this is no option, thanks to the amount of files rsync has to check.
We need something better here first. I dont know yet what. Maybe the
"batch-mode" from rsync (never really tried it), maybe something totally
different. If someone has good ideas, I'm happy to hear them. (Even if
they go as far as changing the archive structure).

bye, Joerg
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