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Re: New mirror scripts for Debian mirrors

Joerg Jaspert (joerg@debian.org) wrote on 8 November 2008 20:26:
 >>  >   Rationale: Most implementations of Debian mirror scripts will leave the
 >>  >   mirror in an inconsistent state in the event of a second push being
 >>  >   received while the first sync is still running.  It is likely that in
 >>  >   the near future, the frequency of pushes will increase.
 >> Ops... You expect to go from 2 pushes/day to how many?
 >Unknown yet, currently its only expected to get more.
 >4 or 6 of them seem to be a good number.

6 is doable but it's the limit. For intervals shorter than 4h another
method would have to be used.

 >Keep in mind that the size of the pushes will go down when the
 >frequency increases.

The problem, in our case, is not the download, it's the scavenging of
an enormous tree to determine what has to be transfered. This is very
heavy because it's almost only disk seeks.

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