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shrinked distribution

Yesterday i fixed in a dont-say way a mirror that did not updated
correctly since many days (or better: it did update the /pool but did not
updated correctly te /probe directory, so it appeared broken, even if in
effect only _two_ files in non-free/source were not updated correctly .... 
The way i fixed should increase about by 5 megabytes the space occupied by
the mirror but ...
surprise: this morning the full mirror ( i386 + amd64 + hurd386 )
did shrink to 130 GB fron the 150 of yesterday, without tellng me to have
removed any file
did the fix broken something or 130 MB for the three distribution would be
OK, and in effect the correct size is this and the 163 GB included
obsolete files ???
(I installed this morning a lenny from that mirror and all was ok, so i
thing the mirror is really ok ...)

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