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Re: excess secondary CD/DVD image downloading

When I look at the Etch DVD download page, there's a bunch of
hyperlinks in the middle of the screen and my first thought is
"those are the files that I want".

With the equivalent CD page, my first thought is "that's a lot of
files, more than I want".

I think having white space between disk 1 and disk 2 would help,
if that's possible in an FTP directory listing.  An HTML page with
the warning paragraph between disk 1 and disk 2 would help even

> Or even better - move the non-first images to a subdirectory
> everywhere.  That way, people would see more clearly that
> additional images are secondary.

That would work well, for people that browse like me.

I've spent too long on the side-argument that some people want
disk 20, and skipped your point that most won't need disk 2.


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