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Re: some changes in anonftpsync

> On Fri, Feb 29, 2008 at 11:50:20AM +0100, Matus UHLAR - fantomas wrote:
> > Many used experessions are still unquoted, I have quoted them but I left
> > some I expect not to be potential source of problems 

On 29.02.08 14:11, Josip Rodin wrote:
> I've fixed some of this in the latest revision actually, the other day...
> you've got several issues there - whether we can reasonably expect people to
> not quote MAILTO which isn't set up by default - that's a rather realistic
> one, and it's fixed already, whether we can reasonably expect people to
> remove other random variables completely and not quote them, and various
> odd things like using spaces in file names but not quoting them. I'm not
> convinced that all of these situations are all worth preventing :)

for MAILTO - I only put quotes there to note it has to be quoted if it
contains more addresses. Do as you wish. Maybe I had to send more patches,
one for each issue.

> > The LOGFILE could be based on RSYNC_DIR so the same file can be used for
> > mirrorring of more directories (e.g. debian and debian-volatile)
> This leaves the log file in a publically readable place, which people might
> not want, so I'd leave it as an option...

no... I only changged debian-mirror.log to RSYNC_DIR-mirror.log, translating
optional slashes to underscores. It does not change the directory where the
log is stored, only changes its name, if the RSYNC_DIR is not "debian"
(one variable less to change). 

> > -RSYNC_DIR=debian/
> > +RSYNC_DIR=debian
> This might be problematic with rsync semantics, which is why it has the
> slash, but I don't recall. Someone should test :)

I added the trailing slash where it's needed, I removed it from here because
of the above

> > I think that savelog should be called BEFORE sync is done, to have
> > one more logfile available and log from last run in $LOGFILE, not
> > $LOGFILE.0
> This would be another change to the style, which people could be used to
> (they could have checking scripts parsing the log.0), so I'd leave it alone.

do as you want. I still can edit it locally. Btw I think that searching last
log in .0 violates the "least surprise", so from my point of view I fixed

> > - what should grep '[r]'sync do except searching for "rsync" ?
> It does the same as 'grep rsync', but it will prevent matching *itself*
> in the ps output. Oldest trick in the book, really :)

oh, didn't get it :) OK.
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