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add gulus.USherbrooke.ca back to ftp.ca.debian.org

Simon Paillard un jour écrivit:
On Sat, Jan 12, 2008 at 01:24:10AM -0500, Simon Valiquette wrote:
I don't know if my email was received on mirrors@debian.org, so I send It again on both lists.

Sorry for the short notice. Everything will be back to normal Monday morning the 14th of January.

Already done actually by Debian admins (see ticket 449) :

  Merci Simon!

Maybe I missed It on the list, but where on the web can we see those tickets, or is It private to the admins?

And since at It, could you remind the list of the prefered way to ask for such kind of administrative task that most people on debian-mirrors@lists.debian.org ?

Personnaly, for a small planned outage like in my case, I prefer to avoid sending It on debian-mirrors@lists.debian.org when the only concerned/interested people are few Debian Admins.

« changed the ftp1.ca.d.o cname from gulus.usherbrooke.ca to
ftp.ca let us know when we should undo this. »

Finally, It seems that they managed to make the needed repairs to the electrical facilities with zero downtime to our Server, which is good news.

  So, you can add again gulus.USherbrooke.ca to ftp.ca.debian.org

  Thank you,

Simon Valiquette

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