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Re: debian archive integrity check tool?


> please, is there any utility/script, that can verify integrity of Debian
> archive?  A maintainer of the ftp mirror ftp.linux.cz asks for this in
> a national mailling list about Linux systems. He needs this for non
> Debian system.

rsync does MD4 integrity checks, so using this (recommanded) method, you
can ensure of the integrity.

Obvisouly, it doesn't check the sums with respect to the
Packages/Release, but if the upstream mirror can be trusted, it's ok.

BTW, it seems ftp.linux.cz is not referenced in the list of mirrors,
could you communicate http://debian.org/mirrors/ to the admin ?
ftp://ftp.linux.cz/pub/linux/debian-non-US/ can be dropped, since it is
deprecated since the release of sarge.

> I reply him, that it should not be too dificult to generate input for
> `md5sum -c -' from Release & Packages files using perl and can do it,
> but I think, that something must exists already.
> So, is there some utility, that can verify checksums from archive index
> files (integrity of archive)?

I follow the discussion on debian-mirrors, the right place to find such
scripts :)


Simon Paillard

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