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Re: Problem submitting new mirrors

> Hm, the submission script is working, it logged the following:
> 1184753787 site debian.grn.cat: GRN Serveis telemtics, admin@grn.cat mailing BTS
> 1184921946 site debian.grn.cat: GRN, admin@grn.es mailing BTS
> 1184921947 site debian.grn.cat: GRN, admin@grn.es mailing m@d.o
> But nothing came through to the BTS or to the alias. That was in late July,
> so logs are probably lost; please do try again now.
Ok, I just submitted the mirror again, hope this time everything is
working fine.

Another question, we would like also to mirror the security updates, at
least for particular use (in Debian docs is told that is not recomended)
so we don't have to open yet another ip to the firewall. Is there
another script on how to do that? Similar to anonsync (with excluded
archs and all that ...)


         Joan Juvanteny
     GRN Serveis Telemàtics
 Tel: 972230000 jjuvan@grn.es

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