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archive.debian.org: woody archive is incomplete

Hi all,

It does not appear that woody is correctly archived on 
archive.debian.org. In subdirectory
these files are missing according to a mirror I have located that still 
appears to have some of the original content:

[   ] ChangeLog               01-Jun-2005 08:17   2.3M  
[   ] Contents-alpha.gz       01-Jun-2005 08:51   3.6M  
[   ] Contents-arm.gz         01-Jun-2005 08:41   3.5M  
[   ] Contents-hppa.gz        01-Jun-2005 08:49   3.4M  
[   ] Contents-i386.gz        01-Jun-2005 08:46   4.2M  
[   ] Contents-ia64.gz        01-Jun-2005 08:48   3.4M  
[   ] Contents-m68k.gz        01-Jun-2005 08:33   3.6M  
[   ] Contents-mips.gz        01-Jun-2005 08:37   3.4M  
[   ] Contents-mipsel.gz      01-Jun-2005 08:44   3.4M  
[   ] Contents-powerpc.gz     01-Jun-2005 08:35   3.6M  
[   ] Contents-s390.gz        01-Jun-2005 08:39   3.5M  
[   ] Contents-sparc.gz       01-Jun-2005 08:42   3.5M  

Other directories of the debian.ihug.co.nz archive appear to be corrupted/
out of sync, e.g.:

Be careful about the validity of any replacement files. If this archive 
was correctly synced the information would have already disappeared!

The woody ChangeLog is the only public record of all the packages added 
to each new woody revision and should be accurately preserved. 
Unfortunately no revision ChangeLog specifies the filename of the package 
being replaced so one cannot determine the filename (hence version 
number) of packages in the initial release (Revision 0).


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