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Changes in the Israeli mirrors for Debian


Quoting from http://www.debian.org/mirror/list:
IL Israel
mirror.hamakor.org.il /pub/mirrors/debian/ amd64 i386 debian.co.il /debian/ amd64 i386

mirror.hamakor.org.il will go down in the next few days, due to hosting problems.

Additionally, we have two more mirrors unlisted:
1. http://mirror.inter.net.il/pub/debian which has amd64,i386 and ppc packages.
2. http://mirror.isoc.org.il/pub/debian/ which has amd64 and i386 packages.

Is there any other place I should update to have these changes appear in the debian installers (lenny/sid).
Any chance to have it updated in Etch's next stable release?


Lior Kaplan

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