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new CD mirror: ftp.br.debian.org

As we had promised, ftp.br.debian.org now mirrors the CDs as well as
the packages. We've got all archs and all formats for etch.

They're available through http and ftp at ftp.br.debian.org/debian-cd,
and through rsync at ftp.br.debian.org::debian-cd.

Please update the mirror lists. I was going to use the submission form
but we don't know yet who (if?) we'll get a push from, and I'm afraid
of using the modification option, only fill in the CD fields and have
the others erased :-)

All iso images were generated with jigdo. It produces the ~400GB set
with only about 2GB of downloads. Nice job...

On another issue, that dns change for mx and cl didn't happen yet. The
new release would be a good time for it.

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