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relevancy of saens as a member of ftp.us.d.o ?


saens seems to be unable to provide a mirror in good conditions, given
that its 100mbits interface is saturated and as a consequence very slow
to reply :

Moreover, saens is not in sync with respect to other ftp.us.debian.org
mirrors :
no http://saens.debian.org/debian/dists/lenny/Release.gpg at the moment.

saens is actually the only machine that hosts ftp.debian.org (an mirror
entry that should not be choosen by users, but is) and one of the three
IP behind ftp.us.debian.org (with one mirror from kernel.org, and

In short term, could we remove saens from the ftp.us.d.o round robin to
reduce the load on it, and mostly to allow users that choose ftp.us.d.o
to have a decent mirror ?

Best regards,

Simon Paillard

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