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Script to update archive-architecture in Mirrors.masterlist


To keep the list of mirrors in sync with the reality, especially for the
release of Etch, the architecture field of each mirror must be updated
with respect to what is available on a given mirror.

I prepared a script [1] that checks which archives are available, by
http otherwise ftp (but not rsync for the moment).

It uses a Mirrors.masterlist as STDIN, and update the
Archive-architecture field if it is relevant in STDOUT.

According to the results, [2] should be applied to the CVS.

The decision is made on the presence of

It appeared that checking dists/unstable/main/binary-$arch was not
reliable, since some mirrors don't properly exclude files in dists/.
So it provides a way to discover inconsistent mirrors. [3]

Thanks for your remarks, ideas of improvements !


[1] http://teubr.eu.org/~spaillar/debian/qamirrors/check-archs
[2] http://teubr.eu.org/~spaillar/debian/qamirrors/arch-pool.diff
[3] http://teubr.eu.org/~spaillar/debian/qamirrors/arch-inconsistency.diff

Simon Paillard

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