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Re: debian mirror ftp.cica.es *added back*

Josip Rodin (joy@entuzijast.net) wrote on 18 February 2007 13:23:
 >On Sat, Feb 17, 2007 at 09:29:16PM -0200, Carlos Carvalho wrote:
 >>  >Anyway, it shouldn't be a case of explicitly dropping, but simply not
 >>  >including it. I'm not aware of any single rsyncable repository allowing one
 >>  >to fetch both debian/ and debian-non-US/ automatically; if you are using
 >>  >one, please let us know which is it.
 >> Ah, perhaps this is the problem. We sync with ftp.de.debian.org, so
 >> when they remove non-US we'll remove as well. It seems they shouldn't be
 >> publishing it...
 >Er, but there are two separate repositories there:
 >rsync ftp.de.debian.org::debian/ and
 >rsync ftp.de.debian.org::debian-non-US/
 >They don't include each other. You just need to avoid the latter.

Sure, but that's not what I'm asking. We already have non-US since it
was necessary, before sarge. According to what you say then we just
keep it there instead of dropping, and that's what we're doing. If it
should be removed then the initiative is with the primary mirrors;
when they drop it ours will go together. It seems we agree that no
explicit action is necessary from the secondary/leaf mirror admins.

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