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Re: patch against anonftpsync: including instead of excluding

On Mon, Jan 22, 2007 at 12:12:25PM +0900, Steven Wilton wrote:
> I?ve just switched to using the anonftpsync script for out debian mirrors,
> and developed this patch in the process.  It?s purpose is to allow an
> explicit list of architectures to allow, rather than specifying a list to
> deny (so we don?t automatically mirror any new architectures that may
> appear).
> I thought it may be useful to others also.

Hello Steven and sorry for the latency,

I think also than specifying in the mirroring script the architectures
to include is a better idea than specifying the ones to exclude.

Moreover, it would be consistent with the way we record the architectures
available for earch mirror in Mirrors.masterlist.

On the other side, it implies that we rely on the reactivity of mirrors
admins, to add by hand each new architecture that Debian releases for.
(And given the mean reactivity of admins, I wonder if it is such a good idea..)

Other position about this patch ?

Simon Paillard

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