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Re: status of Debian mirror mirrors.terrabox.com ?

That mirror has been DOA for many months now. 8-(

I thought that I had removed it a LONG time ago. *sigh* Sorry if I
forgot to update the listing.

One of these days I probably will. :) With as much as I use Debian I
should be giving somethign back. 


On Sat, 2006-10-28 at 20:53 +0200, Simon Paillard wrote:
> Hello,
> Based on http://www.de.debian.org/dmc/today/#sect_main, the Debian
> mirror you provide at mirrors.terrabox.com doesn't work anymore :
> Error with FTP mirror:
>    37:  ERROR: 500 LWP::Protocol::MyFTP: Bad hostname 'mirrors.terrabox.com'
> Error with HTTP mirror:
>    38:  ERROR: 500 Can't connect to mirrors.terrabox.com:80 (Bad hostname 'mirrors.terrabox.com')
> Error with RSYNC mirror:
>    39:  rsync error: error in socket IO (code 10) at clientserver.c(98)
> So we had to remove your mirror's entry from the list of Debian mirrors.
> I hope you plan to make this mirror available again, if so please reply
> to debian-mirrors@lists.debian.org and your mirror will be added back to
> the list.
> Regards,

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