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intergenia.de mirrors maintenance


On monday we will switch our mirror frontend nodes in Düsseldorf to new
hardware. Additionally, we will perform an IP renumbering for this

We don't expect any impact as our nodes in Frankfurt will still be up
and running so all requests should automatically go there. However,
people who are connecting to the ip directly should consider to switch
to Frankfurt IP ( After the upgrade, the new IP for our
mirrors in Düsseldorf will be 

If you notice any problems concerning our mirror service during the next
days, please contact me.

Guido S. Nickels
intergenia Webhosting AG, Operations

Guido S. Nickels           Tel: +49 (22 33) 6 12 - 5 06
intergenia AG              Fax: +49 (22 33) 6 12 - 5 16
Daimlerstraße 9-11         Mail: gn@intergenia.de
50354 Hürth                Web:  http://www.intergenia.de

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