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Re: no suitable kernel to install for mips64el?

Cross-posting to debian-boot and hope to get more responses.

Please see the error message in the screenshot below.  To reproduce, 
Does anybody know how to work around this or fix this?



On Sun, May 19, 2019 at 11:23 PM Jun Sun <jsun@junsun.net> wrote:
Thanks for quick reply, Yunqiang.

For the installer bug, should we file a bug somewhere?  Any pointer how we might be able to fix it?  Note the initramfs seems to find kernel module just fine.

Also, any pointer to the Debian9.9 no suitable kernel to install bug?



On Sun, May 19, 2019 at 10:43 PM YunQiang Su <wzssyqa@gmail.com> wrote:
Jun Sun <jsun@junsun.net> 于2019年5月20日周一 下午1:24写道:
> I'm following instructions below to build  mips64el qemu image.
> https://blahcat.github.io/2017/07/14/building-a-debian-stretch-qemu-image-for-mipsel/
> However, I failed to do so for various version with different reasons:
> First off, I can't find Debian9.2 which was what the author used anymore (any pointers?)
> For current Debian9.9, I got an error at the end of installing base system, saying "there is no suitable kernel to install".  Otherwise installation is fine. However, since there was no kernel installed, I can't find a suitable initrd to boot the image.
> I also tried other versions, such as buster, an old 2017 stretch, sid.  They all fail pretty early on due to "No kernel module found" error.  See full error message below.

Ohh, I guess it is a bug of Debian installer, which cannot detect the
qemu host type.
Generally, you need to install 5kc-malta kernel flavor for mips64el,
and 4kc-malta for mipsel.

> Does anybody have a clue here?  I'm especially worried about the failing in the latest buster release.

I guess the bug is still existing for buster.

> BTW, in Debian8.11, there are no mips release at all, it seems.  Are we dropping MIPS somehow?

There are only LTS support for jessie now, and mips* is not in the LTS
arch list.

> Cheers.
> Jun

YunQiang Su

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