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Re: st_dev and st_rdev members of 'stat struct' are not of dev_t type on mips/mipsel

Hi George,
> Which basically means that st_rdev member of stat struct is not of
> type dev_t on mips and mipsel, which of course deviates from man 2
> stat, that prescribes that st_rdev member (as well as st_dev member)
> of stat struct must be of type dev_t. I wonder what could be wrong
> with the definition of the stat struct on mips/mipsel, it is a known
> flaw in libc, and whether it has anything to do with the situation of
> having 64-bit kernel and 32 bit userland, usually met on misp/mipsel.
> Yes, the issue could be solved in the application side if one knows
> about the problem on these particular architectures (mips/mipsel), but
> I believe this is not the general case. 

Did you ever get a reply to this? I've encountered the same problem, and
I'm thinking about filing a bug (though I'm not yet sure where). As far
as I know, this breaks POSIX (which requires both st_rdev and st_dev to
be of type dev_t).


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