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Re: Inconsistency about struct stat and dev_t on mips and mipsel


oh my. This was supposed to be fixed since november 2011.
I invented the same solution as yesterday, implemented
it with a six line comment ... and forgot to apply the
change at a second occasion nearby. 
Somebody give me a brown paper bag, please.

The good news is that this only bites if a character
device file is to be recorded in the ISO.
Not very likely with production of bootable ISOs, backups
or file archives.

Looking at struct stat, i'd say it would hit the 32 low bits
   off_t     st_size;
with the 32 high bits of dev_t. That should be all 0.
(If it has the sequence of members as in man 2 stat.)
ls -l does not even bother to display the size with
file type "c". stat(1) reports 0 with e.g. /dev/console.

There only remains the question whether it is more improbable
than harmless or vice versa. A miracle of a storage mishap.

I committed a fix upstream. We will see how buildd reacts
when i release and package libisoburn-1.4.2. Hopefully before
the end of the year.

Have a nice day day :)


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